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Body Treatments • Pedicures • Waxing • Facials

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Body Treatments

Body Firming Body Wrap - $130.00/75 minutes
A highly active gel wrap is applied and then massaged in order to firm the skin, tighten tissues and combat skin slackening. The body is firmed and toned.

Leg Revival - $80.00/45 minutes
A targeted leg soothing treatment to comfort and relieve tired legs as well as visually enhance legs appearance.


Algae Seaweed Body Wrap - $130.00/75 minutes

A full body contouring spa treatment that combines toning, detoxifying and re-mineralizing to the entire body.


Moor Full Body Wrap - $160.00/1.5 hours
30,000 year old rich black Austrian moor mud formed entirely by natural forces, native to Austrian countryside and containing over 1,000 herbs and trace elements is applied to your entire body. This wrap is detoxifying, re-mineralizing, hormonally balancing and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.


Thermal Essential Oil Wrap - $170.00/1.5 hours

A full body treatment with the use of essential oils massaged into the entire body, this treatment helps with the relief of aches, pains and stress associated with sore muscles.


Iodine & Thyroid Symptoms


Spa Pedicure - $80.00/1.5 hours
Sea salts and essential oils are used to exfoliate the feet and legs then warm seaweed is applied to detoxify, re-mineralize and soften the feet.


Pedicure - $45.00/1 hour


Waxing Services

Brow - $20.00

Lip-Chin-Brow - $30.00

Full Face - $45.00

Cheeks - $15.00
Neck - $18.00

Complete Leg - $80.00

Lower Leg - $30.00

Bikini - $30.00
Brazilian - $70.00

Bottom - $30.00

Complete Arm - $50.00

Under Arm - $20.00

Complete Back - $70.00

Upper Back - $30.00

Shoulders - $30.00

Chest (Upper) - $35.00

Fingers - $10.00
Feet - $10.00


Facial Services

Pioneer Treatment - 1.5 hours
Youth revealing anti-aging facial. The ultimate in biotechnological performance combined with an exceptional youth massage for smoother, firmer skin that glows with new radiance.

Extended Youth - 1.5 hours
Wrinkle correction firming treatment. A high-performance treatment to resurface the skin, fill wrinkles and restructure the face.

White Lumination - 1.5hrs/2 hours
Brightening radiance treatment for dark spots. An instant burst of radiance for your complexion diminishing dark spots and leaving your skin glowing with beauty.


Douceur Marine - 75 minutes
Comforting soothing treatment for sensitive skin. A treatment that softens sensitive skin and improves its defenses resulting in smoothed and perfectly moisturized skin.


Eye Perfection - 45 minutes
Radiance smoothing eye treatment to complement the eye area. An ultra-comprehensive, effective and relaxing treatment for sparkling younger looking eyes.


City Life - 75 minutes
An anti-pollution treatment and complexion brightener for both men and women. The skin is ridden of all pollutants while being intensely hydrated, signs of fatigue are erased and the complexion is more even and full of freshness.


Men's Youth - 75 minutes
Wrinkle correction and firming treatment. This highly active treatment resurfaces the skin, fills wrinkles and restructures the skin.


Men's Hydration - 75 minutes
Plumping moisturizing treatment. The skin is immersed in an intensely moisturizing bath regaining comfort and brightness. Your skin will feel plumped up and rested.

Seaweed Facial Treatment - 1.5 hours

Re-mineralize, detoxify, calm and sooth the skin.


Rosacea Skin Treatment - 1.5 hours
Focusing on the center portion of the face especially the bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin. Consists of thorough flushing of the papules and pustules in these areas.

Acne Skin Treatment - 1.5 hours
Utilizing a combination of Algae, Spirulina, essential oils and lymphatic drainage skin is detoxified, re-mineralized and clamed to promote healing.


Glycolic Skin Treatment - 30mins/1.5 hours
Glycolic skin treatments help with overactive sebaceous glands, hyper-pigmentation and the stimulation of collagen.


Detox Purifying Back Treatment - 75 minutes

An ultra-relaxing and unwinding treatment of the back combined for men and women using detoxifying marine products for deep cleansing.


Face and neck



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