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Tir Na Nog Spa is your resource for Phytomer products.


Beauty Products and Treatments

From the Sea to the Skin

PHYTOMER from Brittany, France

Beauty by the sea

Since 1972, PHYTOMER has been transforming the sea into skin care to effectively reveal women and men’s beauty: a natural, authentic, vibrant beauty.

An authentic, natural and living beauty

PHYTOMER believes there is nothing to add to a woman’s beauty. "We simply strive to renew it through the fascinating powers of the sea. Our commitment: Each and every day, to offer you natural, vibrant beauty, everywhere, from the sea to the city. Phytomer high-quality products are recommended by top beauty and skincare professionals in spas and salons."



PHYTOMER Retail Products


These are the same salon products we use at Tir Na Nog Spa.

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PHYTOMER, a pioneer in marine biotechnology

PHYTOMER is inspired by scientific research and by the beauty of the sea. To combine these passions, Phytomer created a unique laboratory entirely dedicated to marine biotechnologies.


At the heart of the Phytomer research and development laboratory, a dedicated team of scientists, experts in skin biology and cell culture, work on the next generation of active ingredients. Three research units work hand in hand to develop ultra-sophisticated skincare products.


Phytomer scientists are the first in the world to cultivate the sea in the laboratory to amplify its power for the skin. They create high-quality, ecologically responsible formulas by controlling every step from discovery of the active ingredient to production of the final product.

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