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Spa Policies and Tips


At Tir Na Nog Spa, we have carefully designed our treatment program to individualize the needs of each person through the use of skincare, bodycare. Through this avenue, Tir Na Nog Spa is able to offer balance and harmony to the body, which leads way to a new sense of well being.

Step into Tir Na Nog Spa and step into a lifestyle where ancient cures meet the latest in scientific advances. Advances that provide relief and rejuvenation from every day stress and provide solutions to aesthetic problems.

We get busy, so you may book up to a month in advance. We require a credit card to reserve your appointment, but will not actually charge your card until after the service has been rendered.

The more relaxed you are, the more beneficial your treatment will be to enhance your well being, so please, no cell phones.

COVID-19 Prevention Plan


We have developed a COVID-19 Prevention Plan for your safe return to the spa. Please refer to this page for any changes that may affect your visit.


1) When you arrive for your appointment, we will be taking your temperature with a touchless thermometer. Anyone with a temp over 100˚ F will not be seen.


2) All guests and staff are required to wear a protective cloth face covering while visiting Tir Na Nog Spa.


3) Please use hand sanitizer offered to you.


4) Let us know if anyone you live with has had an upper respiratory illness or fever in the past two weeks, and we will reschedule your apppointment.


5) If you are not feeling well after you have made your appointment, please call to cancel. There will be no penalty for a cancellation during these difficult times.


6) Only clients receiving services are allowed in the salon. Anyone accompanying you should wait outside or in your car and provide us with their cell phone number.


7) We have reduced the capacity for the time being to allow physical distancing.


8) Surfaces are constantly being cleaned between clients visits, and the staff has been certified with proper disinfectant practices.

Treatment times:

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Regretfully, if you are late for an appointment, we may have to shorten your treatment time to accommodate our next guest.


Minimum age:

Minimum age for nail and facial services must be at least 16 years old. Spa guests must be at least 18 years old.


Cancellation policy:

We require a credit card for all appointments and 24 hour notice for cancellation to avoid being charged the full price for your treatment.


Prices and services:

All our service offerings and prices are subject to change without notice.


Personal articles and possessions:

We provide lockers for your convenience and will not assume responsibility for valuables lost or stolen.


Group Bookings:

Not available at this time.



We would love for you to tell us about the service you received and how it compares to your other spa experiences.


Keep in touch:

e-mail: and/ or join or email list for specials, sales and other promotions.

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