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White Lumination Facial Treatment


A 1.5 to 2 hour treatment - $160

Brightening radiance treatment for dark spots.


An instant burst of radiance for your complexion diminishing dark spots and leaving your skin glowing with beauty.

One of the skin care products used in this treatment is the 

Phytomer® White Lumination Brightening Serum


Dark Spots Serum:

An ultra-light serum which visibly lights up the complexion and reduces the appearance of blemishes, to achieve an even tone and skin which glows from within.

Active Ingredients:

  • Sea Lily* extract (marine flower): Reduces the size and pigmentation of liver spots.

  • Dictyopteris extract (algae): Reduces the skin's pigmentation, leaving it more radiant and translucent. 

  • Vitamin C: Lights up the complexion and reduces the formation of pigmentation spots.

* Sea Lily - This coastal plant grows on the Brittany Islands of Hoedic and Houat and has the exceptional capacity to inhibit melanin synthesis both during the day and at night time. A real radiance booster, scientists at PHYTOMER use it to correct the appearance of mottled skin which is often linked to aging or over exposure to the sun.


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