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Dawn is a professional, innovative, diligent person who specializes in creating a relaxing, warm, inviting, nurturing atmosphere while delivering health conscious and beneficial spa treatments and services.  Dawn truly cares for her clients and focuses on individual needs.  With her extensive training and education in the health and wellness fields, along with her sensitivity and compassion for her clients, Dawn makes each customer experience satisfying and memorable.

Caroline C.

Over 30 years ago I became a client of Dawn's! That should speak volumes of my satisfaction and gratefulness to her for my youthful looking skin. Her expertise and knowledge as an aesthetician is insurmountable. She continues to rise above all the rest in the industry with her never ending drive for perfection. Tir Na Nog Spa is a beautiful, comfortable and warming salon . The staff are equally trained and professional in their fields. I highly recommend to everyone of all ages.....

Charlene C.

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